Hendricks County Real Estate

Located just west of Indianapolis, Hendricks County is an easy 30-45 minute commute to downtown, and also offers ample employment opportunities in the county itself. With a number of communities to choose from, you can be sure to find one that fits your family's needs. The following are some of the premier areas that are part of the Hendricks County Indiana Real Estate market.

Plainfield is located in the southeastern part of the county. The Indianapolis International Airport is based here, along with the supporting businesses. Federal Express has a large facility at the airport. Amazon has a large warehouse and shipping facility in this area as well. Plainfield is known for its extensive trail system and a brand new, state of the art recreational center.

Avon is several miles north of Danville. This is a retail haven, with multiple stores and restaurants dotting the main road. Avon also has a community splash park that is well used in the summer. The newest YMCA in the Greater Indianapolis system is based in Avon, along with a branch of Indiana University Hospital.